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Hi, I'm David DeCredico. Welcome to my profile!

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David Decredico is the founder of Atomic Media 1 Marketing Group, est 2008, and has been working as a private independant business analyst for the last three years primarily focusing on social media habits and deriving the over all benenifits, if any, that social media may bestow upon the general public.

David DeCredico's Experience:

  • Associate at SFI Triple Clicks

    I have been with SFI since 2011. SFI is my best internet profit program to date. I am pleased with their program all the way around. Top notch IM training, great products and services, great looking web pages and constant growth and innovation. SFI has just launched their wildly successful Local Merchant Listings. Get on board with the best and the brightest e-commerce platform on the web today. David DeCredico

David DeCredico's Education:

  • Bentonville High School


David DeCredico's Interests & Activities:

Social Media, Networking, Video Animation, Affiliate Advertising, Blogging

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